About the Book


Fortunately, these and other questions — questions about your job, home, work, family, pets, transportation, money and death — are asked and answered in SO SUE ME, JACKASS!, an informative and hilarious guide to everyday law.

For the past decade it has been Amy Epstein Feldman’s job as General Counsel of The Judge Group to help the employees with their legal dilemmas, to explain to them their rights, responsibilities, liabilities and the potentially lucky loopholes through which they can hop. And throughout this time, comedy writer Robin Epstein has pestered her older sister with questions and demanded free legal advice.

Through this perfect alignment of expertise, curiosity (and blatant self-interest on Robin’s part) a book was born!

With chapters written in Q & A format, SO SUE ME, JACKASS! tackles particular facets of life experience and the common problems people face in each.

Like the most successful advice books, SO SUE ME, JACKASS!, is designed to be read as your busy schedule allows—at the hairdresser, in the bathroom, at a red light, on your lunch hour, in the five minutes before you fall asleep at night. It’s for anyone and everyone who has a question about the law and wishes they had a sister like Amy they could email to learn the answer.