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    "Two sisters, one a lawyer, the other a comedy writer, have written a seriously hilarious book with everything you wanted to know about the law, but were afraid to ask."

    Amy and Robin talk personal finance

    Amy and Robin talk personal finance

    Robin on TAL

    Robin on TAL: Episode 247 - What is This Thing?, Episode 293 - A Little Bit of Knowledge, Episode 326 - Quiz Show

    Episode 247 , Episode 293, Episode 326

  • What’s Up With Missy, 1340 AM (We start at 16:30)
Robin on the Radio Chick 10/6/09

Robin on The Radio Chick on 10/6/09

fox-philly-logoAmy on My Fox Philly…

Is a singing resume a good idea?

What are your legal rights concerning holiday work schedules?

How can you get out of a ticket?

The Steve Phillips sex scandal: caveat sextor!

Balloon Boy

Is choice of a hairstyle a legal right?

I see naked people: Facebook, and how those pictures can come back to bite you