When Is Your Home Not You Castle?

Intern Rebecca here, with thoughts on greenery.

They say no news is good news when it’s New Jersey news, and that’s mainly because folks are sick and tired of Snookie, but it’s also partly because folks are sick and tired of Jersey’s other pesky resident – the multi-millionaire.

Take, for example, Dr. Oz. The Cliffside Park homeowner has had a hell of a time trying to shade his pool. He first attempted to use bamboo, much to the chagrin of his neighbors, who complained the bamboo noisily whipped against their house. And by house I mean castle.

Instead of flying in pandas to control the problem, Dr. Oz removed the bamboo and replaced it with three 30-foot cedars. Unfortunately for Oz, the nitpicky neighbors are back, and this time THEY’RE SUING.

Turns out the large cedars are much worse, as they obstruct the neighbors’ view of the Manhattan skyline. The Empire State Building was once visible from their house, but now the neighbors are forced to check secondhand sources to insure King Kong isn’t back for attack.

Being rich is such a burden.

The neighbors say Oz’s trees have lowered their property value by $500,000, and they want the trees gone, or want compensation. Do these folks have a case – a half a million dollars for trees? And, more importantly, can the common man sue anyone with ties to Oprah?

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