Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly To Jail!

Intern Rebecca weighs in LiLo:

Lindsay Lohan recently announced that she can’t afford the pricey Betty Ford Clinic, and thus won’t be able to complete her court ordered time in rehab without first taking some time off to work.

Oops, I did it again!

Oops, I did it again!

I’ve never been sentenced by court to rehab, but it seems to me that if LiLo can’t do her time in the luxurious California clinic, there is one other place she can go for free for being found in possession of illegal drugs… JAIL.

Why would Lindsay be released early from rehab back into the real world when she broke the rules of the real world? If she can’t foot the bill, shouldn’t she do the bidding of the folks who now have to financially support her (and listen to yet another trying story about her woes and hoes) – the taxpayers?

The truth of the matter is, Lindsay has done only one thing well in the last few years: destroy her career. Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson wish they could wreck their trains as hard as LiLo. Now that Lindsay has to face her problems head on, she’s using an empowered working woman rap as an excuse – and not a very good one. No one – especially a party girl – in their inebriated mind would leave mandatory time at what is basically a resort to go back to work. Unless, of course, they can get something at work that they can’t get at the resort… like cocaine.

Can Lindsay really get away with this? And for folks who aren’t Lindsay Lohan, is work really a viable legal excuse for evading your sentence?

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