Mommy Dearest

Intern Rebecca here with thoughts on being fierce…

tyraJust in from the blogosphere: Tyra Banks is being sued! And no, it’s not because she’s so hot it’s criminal.

Beverly McClendon, the mother of a 15-year-old who appeared on Tyra’s show as a self-proclaimed sex addict, has filed a lawsuit against the former model, Warner Bros. Entertainment, and the executive producers of The Tyra Banks Show, get this, for NEGLECT.

McClendon claims the show did not secure the proper paperwork from her daughter – no consent from the parents – and violated Georgia state labor laws by failing to do so.

Good point, kind of. The legal paperwork conveniently forgets that McClendon’s baby girl was flown to New York and put up in a hotel by the show, and also received compensation for her time on air. I was certainly never spotted cruisin’ round Midtown sippin’ on yak as a teen, but that’s probably because my mom knew where I was at all times.

McClendon’s also adamant that her daughter is not a sex addict. Here’s a thought for the troubled parent: just because you think she isn’t, doesn’t mean she isn’t. Sounds like it’s time for a heart to heart so the real neglect in this situation can be reversed.

All that said, mommy dearest is still attempting to withdrawal a whopping three mil from the A(N)TM at T-Banks. Should the transaction go through? Does she have a case?

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