Pre-Nup: I DO or I DON’T?

We’re approaching wedding season, kids, and that means one thing: our mother’s fingers will again start tapping the kitchen table wondering when one of her daughters will finally make her proud. But it also means that divorce lawyers are about to get 50% busier if statistics are to be believed.

He loves me not...

He loves me not...

Well Amy and I have a fun little piece about pre-nuptial agreements today on wowOwow, a fantastically cool website that’s worth checking out even if we were not featured today.

Here’s just a little teaser. More, as they say, after the jump:

Traditionally, in exchange for getting to dress up in a fancy white gown and walk down the aisle to become Mrs. Him, it was the doting bride who was asked to sign a prenuptial agreement, considered by many to be a skittish groom’s James Bond-like marital ejector seat. If he wanted out, the prenup easily and elegantly allowed him to bail from the wreckage with his satchel full of money intact. But these days women are frequently coming into marriages with more than their loving — if less financially secure — grooms. Across the United States, 22 percent of wives are out-earning their husbands, which means the assets in need of greater protection are those swaddled in white tulle… [To keep reading about this and the divorces of famous people, click HERE]

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