What’s a Coastie?

Though our response has yet to be posted to the Forward website, we wanted to let our dear readers and spammers know that we’ve not forsaken you! So we’ll give you an advanced peek at the question that we’ve answered for our Bintel Brief guest column.

But first, a bit of a disclaimer (and second, a video fyi): The question, submitted by a reader of the Forward, contains no legal issue and therefore our answer will also be law-free. Granted we realize this takes us a bit out of our depth since we rarely have strong opinions on anything but the law. Yet considering tis the season and all, we think it’s okay for people to take a break from their regularly litigious behavior, including us.

Now, here’s the video you should watch before you read the question:

Okay, now you’re ready for the question…

Dear Editor:
My 18-year-old daughter is applying to
the University of Wisconsin.  We are
Jewish and I understand that approximately
14% of the university’s roughly 30,000
undergraduate students are Jewish.

Our daughter is not a “J.A.P.” (Jewish
American Princess), however, she does
wear Ugg boots and North Face outerwear.

I read on the internet that the University
of Wisconsin students are using a new slang
word, “Coastie.”  It represents an out-of-state student who wears East Coast fashion and is a “rich Jewish girl.”  I dislike this term–social label.  There’s nothing funny
about these putdowns of Jewish women.

Should I suggest that my daughter apply
elsewhere?  My choice:  Brandeis.

Worried Jewish Mother

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