When Pigs Fly…

I really do feel bad for celebrity chef, Paula Deen, who got knocked in the schnoz by a flying ham as she was doling out food for the charity organization, Feed the Hungry. While tossing around turkeys and hams with other volunteers, Deen was nailed in the whiffer when the “pig skin” was unexpectedly thrown back to her.  Clearly this is the Thanksgiving version of the old saw, “No good deed goes unpunished.”

But Deen, who’s been a favorite of mine since her hilarious segment on Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!,  responded to the incident with characteristic humor later tweeting: “I haven’t met the ham that could stop me yet!”

As we all head into the Thanksgiving and holiday season, and we go to other folks’ homes, eating their food, drinking their libations, possibly playing ball on their lawns (or having people over to do all of these things in our own homes), it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone will blow off a nose-knocking as quickly as Chef Paula. And even during the holidays, there are legal issues to consider…

Fortunately, Amy will be on CNN tomorrow morning at 10:30 to discuss questions like:

  • What if the canned cranberry sauce you serve at Thanksgiving causes a guest to be rushed to the hospital for food poisoning. Are you liable for their medical bills?
  • What if you get caught in a crush of people during a Black Friday sale and accidentally knock an old lady to the ground, breaking her hip. Are you responsible for paying her bills or is the store?
  • What if your deep fried turkey catches on fire and destroys your kitchen?  Are you covered for the damages?
  • Your son brings home a friend from college for Thanksgiving who drinks to much of your wine, then gets into an accident, injuring a pedestrian.  Is he at fault or are you for serving the wine?
  • Your boss wants you to work all day on Thanksgiving but you decide to take the day off anyway because your family is in town. He threatens to fire you. What are your rights?

So tune in, turn on and have a healthy, happy and lawsuit-free T-Day!

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