Drink Slinger, Chain Blinger

Pity poor, busty Melody Morales, the former Hooters waitress whose dream job — being a waitress at the Hawaiian Tropic Zone — continues to elude her. Miss Morales believes that the reason she’s been twice rejected for the position in which she’d get to serve food and drinks in a bikini(!) isn’t because she can’t fill in the costume. (Looks to me like she was inflated to fit it just perfectly.)

Doubly blessed

Doubly blessed

The reason, Morales claims, is that she–HEY, eyes back here!–failed the interview portion because she didn’t “speak white” enough to satisfy the managers.

So what did Chesty McLookatMyTits do, you ask?

Well, she filed a lawsuit against the HTZ “eatery” claiming she was discriminated against because of her Latin accent.

Her lawyer, Derek Smith, was quoted in the NY Daily News (and yes, there’s another pic of her there) as stating: “I don’t think accent should play any role in service at a restaurant where the waitresses serve drinks and meals in bikinis.” In a way, I can see the man’s point–it recalls my favorite line from Bullets Over Broadway, spoken by Dianne Wiest , “No, no, don’t speak. Don’t speak. Please don’t speak. Please don’t speak. No. No. No. Go…”

But the problem is, speaking actually is a necessity for someone discussing the day’s specials and taking orders. So for asserting that Miss Morales’s job would simply be that of bikini’ed side of beef in heels, Mr. Smith gets a big slap. That said, HTZ lawyers, in trying to discredit Miss Morales by hinting she was a hooker after her photos appeared on what they deemed “very filthy” web sites, should get kicked in their collective nads.

Whether a judge will ultimately deem this a case of a discriminatory hiring practice remains to be seen. Because unlike the case of the porky waitresses at the Borgata casino who sued for weight discrimination, claiming discrimination in the case of race or ethnicity does have merit.

Personally I hope Miss Morales gets the job. Not only is this her dream, I think she’d add some much needed spice to the otherwise vanilla Hawaiian Tropic Zone.

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