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Learn the Lessons of Laying Down the Law

metropaper▶ Can your bad breath cause you to be fired? Actually, an employer can hire you or not, and fire you for any reason — or no reason at all — as long as it’s not a discriminatory reason.

▶ Can your boss fire you if you don’t shower? Do you really have to work on a national holiday? The stuff on your desk is yours — right? ▶ Amy Epstein Feldman debunks the legal pitfalls of your job

As Amy Epstein Feldman and her sister Robin Epstein show in their new book “So Sue Me, Jackass,” when it comes to your job, you probably have fewer rights than you think.

“People think that things that are unfair are also illegal. That’s not true,” Feldman tells us. “Under federal law, it is illegal to fire an employee based on age, race, color, nationality, marital status, disability, gender or the god you do or don’t believe in.”

Anything else (weight gain, tattoos and, in many states, your sexual orientation) and you’re not protected. Below are some more surprising facts for you.

Law and order

A few more factual and funny legal insights about your job from Feldman:

1 You have to work on a national holiday. “People think they have a God-given right to have off for, say, Thanksgiving,” says Feldman. “Not only do you have to work on a national holiday if your boss tells you to, but there is no federal requirement saying you get should get holiday pay.”

2 Your boss has the right to go through “your” desk. “You should not have an expectation of privacy. People, by law, can go through your desk as it is owned by your employer.”

3 You can get fired for just about anything. As long as it’s not a discriminatory reason, they can fire you because of  “employment at will.” Meaning they can fire you for any reason — the fact you smell bad, have bad grooming habits — anything, really. “It’s a shame,” says Feldman. “But they are within the law.”


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