Blind Justice

You can’t say the folks in the Coca-Cola Customer Service department don’t have a good sense of humor… a good grasp of how to avoid litigation? Uhh, less so. Just ask Ming Fu Hu, a New Zealand man, who was struck in the eye by an exploding bottle of Coca-Cola’s Keri orange juice.

The injury cost Mr. Hu $5000 in medical bills and permanently damaged his vision.

So how did the Coca-Cola Corporation respond? Well, they offered the injured man an entire case of that very explosive orange drink and $200 worth of grocery vouchers. Best part is, they said it was done as a goodwill gesture!

According to the article, Northcote shop owner takes on might of Coca-Cola, “Coca-Cola’s lawyers said the company had no liability to Mr Hu, there was no issue of public safety arising from these circumstances and “CCA now considers this matter at an end”.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a lawyer for Mr. Hu sees the matter through a different lens: “It is not acceptable that Coca-Cola’s attitude is that it can remedy the problem by offering this man more of the very same product that injured him.”

Hu has yet to file suit against Coca-Cola, but still has an open claim with the Accident Compensation Corporation. It will be interesting to see how this case moves forward, but word to the wise: before you offer to buy the world a coke, beware that no good deed goes unpunished and that one man’s refreshment might be another’s pain in the eye…

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