Unplug Me!

So in the “About The Authors” section of the website, we left out the detail that one of us sisters happens to be a conservative and the other happens to be a liberal. Since Amy and I like to keep a little bit of the mystery alive, we won’t tell you if it’s the suburban mini-van driver with the 401 (K) who’s a member of the Grand Old Party or which lever the subway riding NYU prof (with the roll of quarters) tends to pull.

But despite our different political affiliations, there’s one thing we agree on: the coverage of the health care “debate” in this country seems to be dominated by those most in need of mental help. Fortunately the crack team at The Onion News Network is finally giving a voice to a population rarely heard but frequently seen, particularly for cute photo ops:

Study: Most Children Strongly Opposed To Children’s Healthcare

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