Read the Fine Print!

The Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of a man who is being prosecuted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for child pornography. Kenneth Sodomsky (name has not been changed to protect the litigant) brought his computer into Circuit City to install a dvd burner, where a clerk noticed that he had files containing the names and ages of boys, along with questionable video, and called the cops.

Hey genius–when you turn in a computer to be serviced, READ THE TERMS IN THE FORM THEY GIVE YOU. It says that they reserve the right to view everything contained on your hard drive.  If you don’t want some 18 year old geek in  the geeksquad to see what you’re storing, either wipe it or learn how to service your own computer.  If the form they give you discloses the fact that they have a right to look at your junk (unfortunately in the urban dictionary sense of the word in this case)  they will do it and you have no invasion of privacy claim against them.

Mr. Sodomsky moved to suppress the evidence but was rebuffed.  Mr. Gomorrahsky was unavailable for comment.  And, in a sad and unrelated turn of events, Circuit City turned into a pillar of salt.

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