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Shogun Style

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Live by the sword...

Live by the sword...

Remember that terrible story a few years ago when a Japanese exchange student was shot to death after he accidentally entered the wrong home on his way to a Halloween party in Louisiana? Well, in a bizarre twist, in an AP story out of Baltimore, MD, a Johns Hopkins student killed an intruder with a samurai sword (a samurai sword!) outside his off-campus home on Tuesday.

Apparently the student’s place had been burglarized hours before, and a robber had made off with 2 laptops and a PlayStation. But it was not known if the intruder, who lunged at the student when confronted, was indeed the person who’d robbed the place earlier. Still, the freaked student wasn’t taking any chances: out came the samurai sword. “The intruder’s left hand was nearly severed, and he also suffered a severe cut to the upper body. The man, whom police described as a habitual offender, died at the scene.”

In the Louisiana case, the man who killed Yoshihio Hattori, Rodney Peairs, was not initially charged with the crime because police said, “Peairs had been within his rights in shooting the trespasser.” Not surprisingly, that set off a shitstorm of bad press, and after the LA governor protested, he was charged with manslaughter.

The verdict in Peairs’s trial, which last for seven days, came back in 3 1/4 hours… he was acquitted. Why? Because Louisiana has a statute charmingly called, “Kill the Burglar.”

No charges have been filed against the Hopkins student at this point, and it seems unlikely that they will. On the Dallas Morning News Site where I saw this story posted, one commenter wrote: “What a great story! It made my day. I am just upset that the kid was detained for several hours for defending himself. He should have gotten a pat on the back, a police commendation for his crime prevention efforts and a few beers from his buddies.”

Not exactly my response to the events, but we’re curious to hear your thoughts… comment away!

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Monday, September 7th, 2009